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Working principle of rib stripping and rolling machine


1. Rebar clamping structure
Rebar clamping is accomplished by using the positive and negative thread screw to drive the clamp body to slide and self-center.
2. Thread head processing:
The steel bar is clamped, and the stripping thread rolling head rotates and feeds axially to complete the thread processing. The rotation of the rib stripping and rolling head is completed by the main motor at a speed of 50 rpm through the reducer. The feed is completed by the operator pulling the handle through the gear and rack to drive the reducer and rib stripping thread rolling head to move along the slide bar.
3. Thread rolling wheel:
The rolling thread rolling wheel is composed of three parts, which can be installed interchangeably, and the rolling thread is formed at one time.
4. Advance and retreat
Turn on the main motor button, the motor drives the reducer and rib stripping thread rolling head to rotate, the operator pulls the handle to feed, when the thread processing is completed, the travel switch touch plate presses the travel switch button, reverses and returns to the initial position after a delay Automatic shutdown.
Steel bar straight thread rolling machine is a kind of steel bar processing machine widely used in construction industry in recent years. It quickly and directly rolls the end of the steel bar at one time to cause cold hardening at the head of the threaded wire, thereby improving the strength and making the steel wire head the same as the base material. It consists of a frame, a clamping mechanism, a feed carriage, a reducer, a thread rolling head, a cooling system, and an electrical system.
Thread rolling machines such as thread head go-stop ring gauges and length gauges use cutting and rolling threads for one-time forming to achieve the purpose of reinforcement and thread processing at the end of the steel bar, and solve the problem of pretreatment of the end of the steel bar before processing. , and the problem that similar equipment needs to be rolled many times, which reduces the process of processing and multiple steel bar handling on site, and improves the efficiency of on-site production and processing; the thread rolling machine can use one thread rolling head to realize rolling of various specifications of steel bars processing, which solves the situation that similar equipment needs one thread rolling head for each specification when processing straight threads at the ends of steel bars. The thread rolling machine adopts internal cooling liquid, which solves the problem of chip removal during rolling processing. It has high automation intensity, and it automatically stops when feeding and resets. Rib stripping straight thread rolling machine for steel bar is a special equipment for processing straight thread head of steel bar. The end of steel bar is stripped round by rib stripping knife, and then three hollow thread rolling wheels are used to roll the straight thread of steel bar, so as to achieve the straight thread of steel bar. Quality requirements for thread forming. Make the ribbed steel bar straight thread connection meet the A-level connection standard requirements of JGJI07-2003 "General Technical Regulations for Mechanical Connection of Reinforcement". The thread rolling machine is added with nine kinds of steel bars of Φ16-Φ40mm in GB1499-1998 "Hot-rolled Ribbed Steel Bars for Reinforced Concrete"