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The concept and performance of rib stripping and rolling machine


The steel bar stripping and rolling machine is mainly used for rolling the straight thread thread head of the ribbed steel bar in construction engineering. It is the key equipment to realize the straight thread connection of the steel bar. The processing tooth shape is full and the dimensional accuracy is high. Machinable

Positive and reverse screw thread. This type of machine tool is easy to operate, compact in structure, reliable in operation, and has a unique mechanism for automatic opening and closing of tools. It can process HRB335 and HRB400 ribbed steel bars of Φ 16-40mm.

Steel bar stripping and thread rolling machine, that is, without processing the vertical and horizontal ribs of steel bars, one-time axial feed can be directly rolled into wire heads, and the end of the steel bar can be axially fed once, and the ribs are first cut and removed by the cutting head , continue to feed and then use the rolling head to roll into a thread

The rolling machine tool. The new technology is adopted to make the structure, cutting and rolling speed reasonable, which improves the processing quality and prolongs the tool life. It realizes oil-free lubrication and facilitates the replacement and maintenance of wearing parts. The thread is smooth and standard, the machine tool is easy to operate, and the

Reliable operation, adjustable rolling specifications, cutting head with automatic knife raising and retracting device, flexible and reliable, and can realize automatic stop when the length of wire head is set according to the specification. After manually pressing the reversing button, reversing and returning away from the workpiece, use the time difference of hand reversing button to realize delay

Hourly function, it will stop automatically when it is shaken to the "0" position. This machine tool adopts an internal cutting fluid supply device, which has better cooling and lubricating effects. To process a steel bar of one specification, it only needs to set up the machine tool once and start the switch once to continue processing.

It simplifies and overcomes the repetitive operation steps of general thread machine tools, reduces labor intensity and greatly improves work efficiency. The machine tool is equipped with an emergency stop device. In any case, press the emergency stop button to stop the power supply, effectively ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment

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