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Connection Technology

Steel bar rolling straight thread connection technology is a mature steel bar connection technology. The main principle of the structure is: use special thread processing equipment to shape the end of the straight thread steel bar to be processed by stripping and cutting the transverse rib of the steel bar, and then use rolling The straight thread of the end of the steel bar is processed by the thread pressing method, and then the connecting sleeve with the internal thread is connected with the steel bar to be connected with the straight thread of the thread head and screwed firmly, which can conveniently realize the equal strength connection of the steel bar. The performance of the joints has reached the indicators of the first-class joints in JGJ10-2010.


Technical characteristics of straight thread connection
1. It is suitable for the connection construction of steel bars in reinforced concrete structures of various structures that bear the two-way force of tension and compression
2. Material saving, energy saving, not limited by the composition and type of steel bars
3. It can be operated flexibly in narrow places where the steel bars are densely arranged
4. It can be prefabricated in advance and constructed around the clock without occupying the construction period
5. The construction connection is simple and convenient, and the operation is simple