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Two service modes for steel bar joint technical engineering


(1): "One-stop" service mode:
1 The working content of this mode:

Our company has its own equipment (steel bar straight thread rolling machine, steel bar connecting sleeve, exhibition stand), materials, personnel, and construction at the construction site. The project department only needs to be responsible for the steel bar blanking and material transfer, and all other matters are handled by the company. Our company undertakes.

3. The responsibility for quality is clear, all of which are borne by our company.

 3: This mode applies to the following practical situations:

Our company has a professional technical engineering team for processing steel bars,

Our company produces its own equipment, steel connection sleeves, and mechanical parts, and supplies them at any time.

(2): Technical support, equipment rental mode:

 1: Scope of use:

This mode is used for projects with small projects, long construction period and no vertical transportation equipment such as tower cranes.

2: Mode Features

3: On-site quality inspectors must have a strong sense of responsibility and check the wire heads frequently. Because the steel bar team hopes that the smaller the wire head, the better the installation. Often, the wire head is processed too small and easy to install, but the tightening torque value cannot be reached. .