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Classification and advantages of steel bar straight thread rolling machine


Classification and advantages of steel bar straight thread rolling machine

Steel bar straight thread rolling machine is the key equipment used for rolling straight thread head of ribbed steel bar in construction engineering to realize straight thread connection of steel bar. It can complete rib stripping and rolling thread processing in one clamping. The steel bar processed by the straight thread rolling machine can be used with the straight thread

Threaded metal fibers are closely connected together and have good mechanical properties. It can increase the tensile strength by 20%-30%, the fatigue resistance by 40%-60%, and the corrosion resistance by 50%-200%. The steel bar processed by the straight thread rolling machine has high connection strength and performance. Based on the base material of the steel bar, the mechanical properties of the steel bar joint meet and exceed domestic and foreign standards.

Because the most commonly used thread on the market is to process steel bars with a diameter of 16-40, which is the most common DBG-40B. This kind of price is relatively affordable, and it is also the most commonly used model. The length of the processed thread can reach 90mm, which can generally meet the normal use of current construction sites.

The DBG-40C steel bar rib stripping and rolling straight thread machine tool produced by Shanghai Hufeng Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly used for the processing of ribbed steel bar rolling straight thread heads in construction engineering. It is the key equipment to realize the connection of steel bars. HRB335—HRB500 grade ribbed steel bar. The length of processed thread can reach 100mm, and the machine tool can complete ribbed and rolled thread processing of steel bar in one clamping. The processed steel thread is completely higher than the 6f level accuracy requirement of JGJ107-2010. The model is not only compact in structure, easy to operate, safe and reliable, but also has a unique stepless adjustment structure of rib stripping device and roller device. The straight thread rolling machine can also process standard thread, reverse thread and long thread.

DBG-50 type steel bar straight thread rolling machine has an innovative head structure design, adopts straight axis stepless circulation adjustment, effectively reduces the loss of thread rolling wheel, three points and one line, high concentricity and strong stability. The profile of processed thread is full and smooth. The added wire length reaches 120mm, which almost meets the needs of all industrial and civil engineering steel bar mechanical connection projects in China.

The technical characteristics of the steel bar connection sleeve The joint strength meets the performance requirements of A-level joints in the industry standard JGJ107-96. The thread profile is good, the precision is high, and the connection quality is stable and reliable. Wide application range, suitable for diameter 16-40mm. Ⅱ, Ⅲ class steel bar in any direction and position of the same diameter connection. Adjustable type: positive and negative threaded sleeves are suitable for the connection of steel bars that cannot be rotated, such as iron cages. Fast construction speed: thread processing prefabrication and on-site processing, assembly construction. Energy saving, no pollution, safe and reliable construction
The steel bar straight thread rolling machine can directly roll and process ordinary ribbed HRB335, HRB400, RRB400~ ribs of specifications such as Φ12, Φ14, Φ1 6, Φ1 8, Φ20, Φ22, Φ25, Φ28, Φ32, Φ36, and medium 40. , It can directly process regular threads without pretreatment such as upsetting and rib stripping of steel bars. The above is Shanghai Hufeng's introduction to the types and uses of steel bar straight thread rolling machines, hoping to bring some convenience to users who purchase this product