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Analysis of China's construction machinery market in 2013


In recent years, the rapid development of China's economy and infrastructure construction has driven the full-speed growth of China's hoisting construction field. Especially in nuclear power, petroleum and petrochemical, steel bar connection and other fields, with its leading equipment and advanced technology, steel bar joint production enterprises not only lead the development of China's steel bar connection technology construction field, but also become a new benchmark in the global construction field. Since 2012, the world and China's economic trends still show some uncertainties. Under unprecedented challenges, the global and Chinese steel bar industries need to realize upgrading and transformation faster and more thoroughly.
China has entered a very sensitive period, and 2012 is a year of transformation in the Chinese market. As for when the entire market will turn warmer, the market will definitely rebound in 2013. In any case, the current global economy is in a very sensitive period, and the world is looking forward to economic recovery. The "golden decade" of the construction machinery industry may not appear again in the short term, but in the long run, the future will undoubtedly be positive of. 2012 is a critical year for China to achieve transformation. China is already at the crossroads of development, and China has also become the focus of the world. Some time ago, the National Development and Reform Commission approved a trillion-yuan infrastructure investment project within two days, igniting local investment enthusiasm. Some new investment plans, especially in western China, still have unlimited potential. By 2013 at the latest, China’s construction machinery market will recover.