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Special tapping machine for steel sleeve


35. HRB400 steel bar straight thread sleeve connection can also be used for tapping of standard or non-standard nuts in the hand machinery industry. It has the advantages of simple operation, convenient construction, fast processing speed, no pollution, and energy saving. The quality of the sleeve can reach the standard of Class I in JG107-2003 "General Technical Regulations for Mechanical Connection of Steel Bars". It is the most widely used and popular sleeve tapping machine in the construction and engineering fields.

The performance of special tapping machine for sleeve: DGS-40 special tapping machine for sleeve can make the threaded sleeve tap one-time forming, its thread precision is better than the 6H precision requirement specified in JG163-2004, and can realize The diameter and length of a tapping molding. This machine adopts an external cutting fluid device, which has better cooling and lubricating effects. When processing a sleeve of one specification, it can continuously process a large number of threaded sleeves of the same specification only by changing the tap shank. The operating procedure is greatly simplified and improved. production efficiency. This machine can process positive and negative threads and variable diameter threads according to the technical needs of the construction site and other requirements.

DGS-40 sleeve special tapping machine structure: consists of cycloid reducer, transmission mechanism, shaft lifting mechanism, gearbox, special material clamping device, material receiving and releasing device, cooling system, electrical control box, control system, etc. Partial composition.

It is an ideal processing machine for processing steel pipes with positive and negative thread pitch and deep hole thread products. Such as steel pipe joints, steel casing joints. All can be processed and produced by this machine tool, and high-efficiency and high-quality products can be obtained.
Machine Features:
1. The feed pitch of this machine tool depends on the self-weight feed of the feed spindle to adapt to various thread processing.
2. When the machine tool is processing the product, the tap is fed at its own pitch to ensure the dimensional error of the pitch. The smooth transmission of the spindle ensures the roughness of the machined surface. After the tap passes through the workpiece, it automatically falls,
The non-reversing of the spindle can ensure that the chips will not damage the smoothness of the machined surface.
3. Using this machine tool to process steel pipe thread products can increase the output by 2-3 times compared with other machine tools, and can replace the processing efficiency of vertical drills. Since 2 stations run at the same time,
It can replace the processing efficiency of 2 vertical drills and save 1 operator.
4. This machine tool has the characteristics of small size, convenient installation, simple operation, stable transmission and easy maintenance.
5. The tapping spindle of the machine tool can be raised and lowered arbitrarily during operation, so it can avoid damage to the tool due to operation or failure and reduce waste products.

 The main parameters:

Main power supply: 3-phase AC 380V

Control voltage: AC 36V

Pump power supply: 3-phase AC 380V pump motor 60W

Main motor power: 4KW speed 1440r/min

Processing speed: rate 220r/min 265r/min

Processing sleeve specifications: φ14-φ40mm

The effective length of the internal thread of the processing sleeve is greater than 100mm

Dimensions: 1200×1000×2500mm

Gross weight: 780KG


1. The cooling liquid must be water-soluble cooling liquid. It is strictly forbidden to use oily cooling liquid, let alone oil instead.

2. It is strictly forbidden to process sleeve threads without coolant.

3. The ends of the steel pipes to be processed should be flat and must be cut with a sawing machine.

4. The feed should be uniform during the initial cutting, and do not advance rapidly to prevent the tooth shape of the tap from cracking.

5. The lifting mechanism of the rotating shaft should be cleaned and oiled regularly, and whether the machine is safe should be tested before starting each shift.

6. Iron filings should be cleaned up in time.

7. The cooling liquid tank should be cleaned every half month.

8. The reducer should be refueled regularly to maintain the specified oil level.

9. The special tapping machine tool for sleeve should be maintained regularly.

10. The chassis must be connected to zero or ground reliably.