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Fujian province local standard for steel bar straight thread sleeve


Notice on strengthening the quality management of steel bar straight thread connection

Construction bureaus of cities with districts:
In order to strictly abide by the technical specifications such as "General Technical Regulations for Mechanical Connection of Steel Bars" (JGJ107), "Rolled Straight Threaded Steel Bar Connection Joints" (JG163-2004), "Technical Regulations for Steel Bar Rolled Straight Thread Connections" (DBJ13-63), and guarantee The quality of the straight thread connection of the steel bar is guaranteed to ensure the safety of the main structure. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
1. Construction general contractors should standardize management. One is to strengthen the inspection and acceptance check of the steel bar connection sleeve, carefully check the validity of the type inspection report and the type and specification of the sleeve, and focus on the appearance quality, external dimensions, thread size and length and outer diameter of the sleeve must meet According to the "Technical Regulations for Steel Bar Rolling Straight Thread Connection" (DBJ13-63), and make corresponding entry acceptance and sampling inspection records; the second is to further improve the quality of on-site wire head processing, and deal with each specification during wire head processing Self-inspection of appearance quality, thread length and thread size, and inspection records shall be made. Qualified thread threads shall be protected by plastic protective caps or screwed on connecting sleeves to prevent damage during loading and unloading, and shall be classified according to specifications. The third is to improve the construction quality of the steel bar connection. When connecting the steel bars, a wrench or pipe wrench should be used for screwing. , the next process can only be carried out after the inspection results of each process are qualified.
2. The supervisory unit must strictly supervise. Strengthen the inspection and inspection of the connection sleeve; carry out the inspection of the whole process and process of the connection joint construction and process according to the regulations, and make inspection records; sampling should strictly implement the witness inspection system. For the acceptance batch of joints that fail the sampling inspection, the construction unit should be submitted to the design and other relevant units to study and propose a treatment plan, and urge the construction unit to make serious rectification according to the treatment plan, and report to the supervisory agency at the same time.
3. Construction administrative departments and quality supervision agencies should further strengthen supervision and inspection. Focus on checking the quality control of the construction and supervision units on the processing and installation of steel bar joints, and whether the test reports issued by the testing unit are true and valid; any quality problems found during the inspection should be promptly notified to the relevant responsible unit, and investigated and dealt with in accordance with relevant regulations.

Our company (Shanghai Hufeng Machinery Co., Ltd.) has been undertaking Fujian steel bar straight thread technology projects for the past few years. It is very different from the steel bar joints in other places. It needs to be lengthened and thickened, and it needs to be peeled and chamfered, so the requirements are very high. High, but our company has been recognized by the local construction bureau and the government, and we hope that our company can cooperate for a long time.