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Introduction of straight thread rolling machine


The steel bar straight thread rolling machine is used to cut and roll the thread once to achieve the purpose of reinforcement and thread processing of the steel bar end, which solves the problem of pretreatment of the steel bar end before processing, and the similar equipment needs multiple times In this way, the on-site process processing and multiple steel bar handling are reduced, and the on-site production and processing efficiency is improved; the thread rolling machine can use one thread rolling head to realize rolling processing of various specifications of steel bars, which solves the problem of similar equipment. One thread rolling head per specification is required for processing straight threads at the end. The thread rolling machine adopts internal cooling liquid, which solves the problem of chip removal during rolling processing. It has high automation intensity, and it automatically stops when feeding and resets. Rib stripping straight thread rolling machine for steel bar is a special equipment for processing straight thread head of steel bar. The end of steel bar is stripped round by rib stripping knife, and then three hollow thread rolling wheels are used to roll the straight thread of steel bar, so as to achieve the straight thread of steel bar. Quality requirements for thread forming. Make the ribbed steel bar straight thread connection meet the A-level connection standard requirements of JGJI07-2003 "General Technical Regulations for Mechanical Connection of Reinforcement". The thread rolling machine is added with nine specifications of Φ16-Φ40mm steel bars in GB1499-1998 "Hot Rolled Ribbed Steel Bars for Reinforced Concrete".

Shanghai Hufeng Machinery specializes in the production of steel bar straight thread rolling machines, steel bar connecting sleeves, and undertakes steel bar construction projects. Welcome customers to consult and negotiate. Straight thread rolling machine is a new type of steel bar connecting sleeve technology. Its structural principle is to peel off a part of the longitudinal rib and transverse rib at the end of the steel bar to be connected by cutting, and then directly roll it into ordinary straight thread. , Connected with a special straight threaded steel bar connecting sleeve to form a steel bar connection. the
The advantages of this connection method of straight thread rolling machine are as follows:
1. Good mechanical properties, safe and reliable connection: Since the end of the steel bar is rolled and formed, and the material of the steel bar is cold-worked, the strength of the thread and the steel bar are improved, which makes up for the weakening of the thread bottom diameter that is smaller than the base circle diameter of the steel bar base material. The influence brought by the connection makes the joint strength of the connection higher than the strength of the base metal, so that the base metal can fully exert its strength and ductility.

2. Convenient connection: it can be flexibly operated in places where the steel bars are densely arranged in a narrow space. Convenient construction and high efficiency: the steel bar connecting sleeve is prefabricated in the factory, quality assurance: each on-site rolling wire head equipment can process nearly 400 joints per shift, which has incomparable advantages in large-scale construction and basement bottom plate construction , No pollution during construction, no open flame operation, good safety and environmental protection, and can be constructed around the clock. the

3. Easy to detect: No specific testing equipment is required during construction, and the quality of the joint can be measured by simply looking at the exposed wire teeth of the steel bar. Strong applicability: It is suitable for the connection of steel bars in all earthquake-resistant and non-seismic reinforced concrete structures, and it is also suitable for bending steel bars, fixed steel bars, steel cages, super-long steel bars, etc., and occasions that cannot be rotated.

Shanghai Hufeng Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of straight thread rolling machines for steel bars. The quality is good, the price is favorable, and the price is high. Welcome customers to consult and negotiate.