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On-site precautions for bridge reinforcement connection


When the bridge reinforcement is mechanically connected with reinforcement, the construction site should pay attention to the following points

(1): When bridge steel bars are mechanically connected, the joint position is not limited. Under the premise that the joint rate is not greater than 50%, the steel bars are connected with raw materials, which reduces the workload of steel bar batching and steel bar processing, and saves steel materials.
(2): Reasonably arrange the process. Since steel bars of various specifications may appear in the same beam, due to the limitation of machine tool debugging, the processing of steel bar joints must be divided into specifications and processed in batches. Therefore, the processing of steel wire ends must be completed in the distribution of bridge bars Before, otherwise the progress of the steel bar making class would be severely restricted.
(3): Similar to the reasons for the top layer of the column reinforcement, the ends of the beam reinforcement are connected with positive and negative wire reinforcement to reduce the difficulty of installation.

Paying attention to the above points will bring great convenience to the construction