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Sleeves for mechanical connection of steel bars


1 Scope

This standard specifies the terms and definitions, classification, type and marking, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, signs, packaging, transportation and storage of sleeves for mechanical connection of steel bars.

This standard applies to straight threaded sleeves, tapered threaded sleeves and extruded sleeves for mechanical connections in concrete structures. The sleeves mentioned in this standard are suitable for connecting all kinds of steel bars with a diameter of 12 mm to 50 mm in accordance with the provisions of GB 1499.2 and GB 13014. It can be used for reference when connecting smooth round steel bars, stainless steel bars and foreign steel bars.

2 Normative references

The following documents are indispensable for the application of this standard. For dated references, only the dated version applies to this standard. For undated references, the latest version (including all amendments) applies to this standard.

GB/T 197 Ordinary thread tolerance

GB/T 228.1 Metallic materials - Tensile test Part 1: Test method at room temperature

GB/T 230.1 Metallic materials - Rockwell hardness test - Part 1 Test method (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, N, T scale)

GB/T 699 High quality carbon structural steel

GB/T 700 carbon structural steel

GB/T 702 Dimensions, shape, weight and allowable deviation of hot-rolled steel bars

GB 1499.2 Steel for reinforced concrete Part 2: Hot-rolled ribbed steel bars

GB/T 2975 Steel and steel products Sampling location and sample preparation for mechanical property tests

GB/T 3639 Cold-drawn or cold-rolled precision seamless steel tubes

GB/T 8162 Structural seamless steel tubes

GB 9174 General Technical Specifications for General Cargo Transport Packaging

GB 13014 Waste heat treatment steel bars for reinforced concrete

GB/T 17395 seamless steel pipe size, shape, weight and tolerance

JGJ 107 Technical specification for mechanical connection of steel bars

YBT 5222 high-quality carbon structural steel round tube billet

3 Terms and Definitions

The following terms and definitions apply to this standard.


rebar mechanical splicing rebar mechanical splicing

A connection method that transmits the force in one steel bar to another steel bar through the mechanical engagement of the steel bar and the sleeve or the pressure bearing action of the end face of the steel bar.


sleeve coupler

A steel sleeve for the mechanical connection of steel bars that can transmit the axial tension or pressure of the steel bars.


  Threaded sleeve threaded coupler

  An inner threaded sleeve that can be threadedly connected to steel bars.


Parallel threaded coupler

The inner hole is a threaded sleeve with straight thread.


Upsetting straight threaded sleeve parallel threaded coupler for rebar splice with upsetting end

Straight threaded sleeves that can be threaded onto upset sections at the ends of rebar.


parallel threaded coupler for rebar splice with rolling thread end after stripping rib

Straight threaded sleeves that can be rolled and threaded with stripped ribs at the ends of rebar.


parallel threaded coupler for rebar splice with directly rolling thread end

Straight threaded sleeves for direct rolled threaded connections to the ends of rebar.


Taper threaded sleeve taper threaded coupler

The inner hole that can be connected with the tapered thread of steel bar is a threaded sleeve with tapered thread.


Extruded sleeve coupler for extruded sleeve splicing of rebar

The inner hole is a smooth hole for the sleeve of the ribbed steel extrusion connection.


Standard coupler for parallel threaded splicing of rebar

  Sockets with the same right-hand straight thread over the entire length.


standard coupler for taper threaded splicing of rebar

A sleeve with the same right-hand taper thread at both ends of the sleeve.


  Standard coupler for extruded sleeve splicing of rebar

Sleeves of the same ID and wall thickness used to extrude standard fittings over the entire length.


Different diameter sleeve coupler with different inner diameter

Sleeves with different inner diameters at both ends are used for connecting steel bars of different diameters.


Positive and negative wire sleeve coupler with left and right hand thread

A threaded sleeve with the same thread size but opposite directions of rotation at both ends.


Flared sleeve coupler with one slope end

Straight threaded sleeves with an internal chamfer at one end to facilitate bar centering and longer than standard sleeves.


thread plug gauge

A measuring instrument that has a thread profile that is consistent with the thread to be inspected and can reflect the boundary conditions of the internal thread to be inspected.


thread plug go gauge

Thread plug gauge for checking minimum boundary conditions for straight internal threads.


thread plug no-go gauge

Thread plug gauge for checking maximum boundary conditions of straight internal threads.


extrusion mark forging mark

Markings on the surface of the extrusion sleeve indicating the extrusion pass and location.