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Several benefits of using straight thread sleeves in the construction industry


Now steel connection is becoming more and more common, basically occupying the entire market, and welding is ruthlessly replaced or eliminated. Sleeve connection is mainly superior to welding mainly in:

1. The use of steel bar connecting sleeves in the construction industry can greatly reduce the use of materials, and it is easy to operate and is not limited by the type of steel bar composition. It can be prefabricated in advance, does not occupy the construction period, and has high processing efficiency. the

2. The straight thread sleeve has the advantages of convenient, fast and simple connection, no electricity is required for construction, and it can be constructed in all weathers regardless of the weather. the

3. It can connect horizontal, vertical and oblique HRB335, HRB400 steel bars of the same diameter or different diameters. the

Our company (Hufeng Machinery) can produce the following specifications and models of straight screw rebar connecting sleeves: φ16-φ40 common rebar connecting sleeves, adjustable rebar connecting sleeves, different diameter rebar connecting sleeves, and special rebar connecting sleeves. And provide thread rolling machine products with the specifications of steel bar straight thread processing equipment. And responsible for construction site technical training and equipment maintenance services.