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On-site safety management regulations for stripping ribs and rolling straight threads of steel bars


On-site Safety Management Regulations for Rib Stripping and Rolling Straight Thread

1) Operators should strictly abide by all safety management regulations on the construction site;

2) Operators must undergo technical training, receive safety education, and work with certificates after passing the assessment;

3) When the maintenance personnel are repairing the equipment, no one else is allowed to touch the power switch;

4) Operators should always check whether the machine head screws are loose, and tighten them in time if they are loose;

5) Do not hammer any part of the thread rolling machine;

6) Operators are strictly prohibited from wearing gloves to operate;

7) The electrical appliance/power supply of the equipment should be operated and maintained by an electrician. Non-electricians are not allowed to touch electrical appliances at will, and are not allowed to open the distribution box of the thread rolling machine privately to prevent electric shocks;

8) During the rolling operation, the steel bar must be clamped. If the steel bar is found to be loose and rotated during the rolling process, it is not allowed to touch the steel bar with your hands.

9) Comply with the on-site fire safety regulations, and smoking is not allowed on site.

10) Do not work outdoors in rainy days to prevent electrical leakage.

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