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Preparation and adjustment before thread rolling machine processing


(A) Preparation before rolling machine processing
1 This requires a good power cord and a ground wire connected to the power supply. For three-phase 380V AC power supply 50 Hz power supply, to ensure personal safety, please use automatic switch leakage protection.
2 Cool the tank and add a little water soluble coolant (not coolant fill).
(B) Thread rolling machine empty test switch
1 Plug in the power. Check that the cooling water pump is working properly.
2 Operate the button to check that the electrical control system is working properly.
(C) Rolling pre-adjustment processing
1 According to steel processing, AC and corresponding rolling diameter wheel processing diameter. 2. The rollers of the thread rolling machine are exchanged at the same time, and the spacers between the exchange and the rollers are relatively suitable to ensure the accuracy of the pitch, 3. The adjustment and handling of the diameter of the drum will be to have a suitable compatible knife inserted into the head of the steel wire rolling center, adjust the roll so that it remains in contact with the knife, pull out the knife rod, tighten the screw, and clamp the tooth ring so that it cannot be turned.
4 fixed position plate processing equipment, according to steel bar diameter, AC and appropriate diameter disk positioning processing (positioning plate printing processing diameter). For the adjustable positioning of the device, the positioning plate scale is adjusted to the appropriate scale, and when the skinning knife is worn, the ribs need to be fine-tuned.
5. According to the specifications of the steel processing, adjust the file block of the stroke to strip the ribs, and make sure to meet the required length of the stripped rib value.
6 Thread rolling machine processing steel according to the specifications, adjust the travel location switch pressure block to ensure that the effective length of the thread is rolled to the required value, (4) Clamping of the workpiece
The thread rolling machine will install the card processing, the steel is the center of the jaw, the extended length should be the same as the initial position of the first peeling piece, the end is adjusted to roll, and then flip the handle to clamp.