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Features of steel bar connection sleeve


Features of steel bar connection sleeve:

1. Adopt international No. 45 steel material, special manufacturing process, high dimensional accuracy and reliable quality.

2. It can connect Ф16-Ф40mm HRB335 and HRB400 ribbed steel bars.

3. After passing the inspection of the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, it meets the standard of Class I joints in JGJ107-2010.

4. There are three series of standard type, positive and negative threaded type and different diameter type, and 52 varieties, which can meet the same diameter, different diameter and adjustable length and direction of the horizontal, vertical and oblique parts of the building structure. Connecting reinforcement requirements.

Technical characteristics of steel bar connection sleeve:

1. It is suitable for the connection construction of steel bars in reinforced concrete structures of various structures that bear the two-way force of tension and compression. 2. Material saving and energy saving are not limited by the composition and type of steel bars.

3. It can be connected in all directions.

4. It can be pre-made, factory-like operation, no time occupation, and all-weather construction.

5. The operation is convenient and fast, and the construction speed is fast, which can greatly shorten the construction period

The technical characteristics of the steel bar connection sleeve The joint strength meets the performance requirements of the A-level joint in the industry standard JGJ107-96. The thread profile is good, the precision is high, and the connection quality is stable and reliable. Wide application range, suitable for diameter 16-40mm. Ⅱ, Ⅲ class steel bar in any direction and position of the same diameter connection. Adjustable type: positive and negative threaded sleeves are suitable for the connection of steel bars that cannot be rotated, such as iron cages. Fast construction speed: thread processing prefabrication and on-site processing, assembly construction. Energy saving, no pollution, safe and reliable construction.

The connection method of the steel bar connection sleeve: mechanical connection, sleeve connection, high-rise building application. It is used for the connection and welding of beam reinforcement, welding can have electroslag pressure welding, and flash butt welding electroslag pressure welding is generally used for the connection of column reinforcement The flash butt welding on the top is generally used for beam reinforcement, and it is not allowed to be used in high-rise buildings. Some of them are lap joints. The lap joints are not allowed to appear on the frame columns. The important stress-bearing parts of the reinforcement reinforcement need to be welded, double-sided welding.

In the construction industry, traditional steel bar connection methods such as lap joints, welding and other connection methods cannot meet the needs of the rapid development of the construction industry in terms of connection quality, efficiency or operability. The continuous updating of steel bar connecting sleeve technology has led to further innovation and continuous technological advancement of the entire industry. Therefore, the steel bar connection technology is quite successful in a certain sense, and has its own characteristics, so that it can adapt to the continuously developing industry and social trends. The lap connection method can no longer be used for the connection of large-scale steel bars, and welding has many shortcomings, (such as unstable steel material, poor weldability, etc.; unstable power supply or poor welder level; construction period tightness, insufficient capacitance; and weather effects such as wind, rain and cold; and construction plans for places with high fire protection requirements; the quality and speed of on-site connection of horizontal steel bars.) Welding quality cannot be guaranteed. The mechanical connection of steel bars can avoid the above-mentioned difficulties and shows obvious advantages. In the late 1980s, through the introduction of foreign advanced mechanical connection technology, coupled with the continuous efforts of relevant experts in some scientific research institutes in my country, my country's steel mechanical connection technology has developed rapidly. Mechanical connection has gone through different development stages such as sleeve cold extrusion, tapered thread, upsetting straight thread and rolling straight thread.