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Senior Electrical Engineer



Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for electrical drawing drawing, electrical type selection, calibration device and calibration test of instruments and meters, handling electrical faults, proposing and improving;< /p>

2. Assist mechanical engineers to complete the automation process, be able to write programs, draw circuit diagrams, and list the required electrical components, sensors, frequency converters, boards, PLCs, etc. Model and performance, optimize the process flow, reduce production costs, solve process problems on the production site, design and improve electrical fixtures for production, supervise and track the implementation of the production process, and complete other tasks assigned by the superior;

3. Responsible for the production line of automation and electrical control, familiar with PLC hardware and programming, familiar with hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, responsible for software support and electrical control of the company's new equipment ;



Bachelor degree or above, major in instrument automation control or electrical and electronic related majors, at least 3 years of relevant work experience, familiar with the basic control principles and methods of automation equipment; Those who are familiar with electrical designers are preferred; they have a strong ability to deal with problems on the production site and have a high sense of responsibility.


Mechanical Engineers



Work Content

1. Formulate product development and improvement plans and company product development plans;

2. Responsible for mechanical (equipment) product development and design, product improvement and process manufacturing;

3. Provide support and training for sales and service;

4. Responsible for product technology management.



1. Major in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, graduate with a college degree or above, over 30 years old;

2. More than 5 years of product design and development experience, familiar with product development process, good technical management experience, certain process foundation, familiar with the corresponding machinery industry knowledge ;

4. Familiar with Pro/E, UG, AutoCAD and other application software.


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