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Steel bar straight thread rolling machine


Straight thread rolling machine

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  • How to use steel bar straight thread rolling machine

    (1) Preparation before processing

    1. Connect the power cord and ground wire as required, and turn on the power. The power supply is a three-phase 380V 50Hz AC power supply. To ensure personal safety, please use an automatic switch with leakage protection function.

    2. In the coolant tank, add enough soluble coolant (oil-based coolant is strictly prohibited)

    (2) Empty test run

    1. Turn on the power. Check whether the cooling water pump works normally.

    2. Operate the button to check whether the electrical control system works normally.

    (3) Adjustment before processing

    1. According to the diameter of the steel bar to be processed, replace the thread rolling wheel suitable for the processing diameter.

    The relationship between the thread rolling wheel and the diameter of the processed steel bar is shown in Table 1: Outer diameter of the thread rolling wheel φ78.2 φ69.4 φ59 Diameter of processed steel bar 16--22 25--32 36--40 Pitch 2.5 3.0 3.5 2. While replacing the thread rolling wheel, replace the washer that is suitable for the pitch of the thread rolling wheel to ensure the correctness of the pitch.

    See Table 2 for the relationship between the thread pitch and the thickness of the washer: Pitch 2.5 3.0 3.5 Washer 5.17 6.00 6.83 5.00 6.00 7.00 4.83 6.00 7.17 Thickness 6.85 6.00 5.17 7.00 6.00 5.00 7.17 6.00 4.83

    3. After the thread rolling wheel is adapted to the processing diameter, insert the tool setting rod suitable for the steel bar into the center of the rolling head, adjust the thread rolling wheel to make it contact with the tool setting rod, pull out the tool setting rod, tighten the screw, and compress the ring gear , making it impossible to move.

    4. For the equipment with fixed positioning disc, according to the diameter of the steel bar to be processed, replace the positioning disc that is suitable for the processing diameter (the processing diameter is printed on the positioning disc). For the equipment with adjustable positioning plate, adjust to the corresponding scale according to the scale of the positioning plate. When the rib stripping knife is worn out, it needs to be fine-tuned.

    5. According to the specifications of the steel bars to be processed, adjust the position of the rib stripping stroke block to ensure that the rib stripping length reaches the required value.

    (4) Workpiece clamping

    Fix the steel bar to be processed on the centering jaw, the protruding length should be aligned with the end face of the stripping blade of the rolling head at the starting position, and then pull the handle to clamp.

  • DBG-40B steel bar stripping rib rolling straight thread machine tool is mainly used for the processing of ribbed steel bar rolling straight thread head in construction engineering. It is the key equipment to realize the connection of steel bars.