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DBG-50 type steel rib stripping rolling straight thread machine tool


Straight thread rolling machine

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    The optimization and improvement of the machine head greatly improves the accuracy and work efficiency of processing φ36-φ50mm steel bar wire teeth, and effectively solves the problem of easy torsion deformation of the upper end of the processing φ36-φ50mm steel bar (screw teeth are easy to expand), high loss of accessories, and processing problems. Low efficiency technical problems;
    The steel thread processing is completed at one time, and the tooth shape of the processed thread is full and smooth;
    The innovative design of the machine head structure adopts the direct axis stepless cycle adjustment, which effectively reduces the loss of the thread rolling wheel;
    Using the unique helix angle technology, the threading is light and fast, and the work efficiency is improved;
    Three points and one line, high concentricity and strong stability;
    The steel bar can be easily fed, and the machine will automatically return after the thread rolling, and each machine can produce 600-900 thread heads per day;
    Long guide shaft design, can process steel wire tooth length ≥ 120mm.

    DBG-50 type steel rib stripping and rolling straight thread machine tool is composed of frame, vise, guide rod, slide plate, reducer assembly, rib stripping and rolling head, cooling system, electrical control system and other parts.

    The main technical parameters
    Main motor power: 4KW 8A;
    Power supply: three-phase 380V 50HZ;
    Reducer speed ratio: 23 output shaft speed (82-48) r/min;
    Processing steel bar diameter range: Φ12—Φ50mm (HRB335, HRB400, 500).

  • use
    DBG-50 steel bar stripping rib rolling straight thread machine tool is a product developed by our company for the processing of large steel bars. It is mainly used for the processing of ribbed steel bar rolling straight thread heads in construction engineering. It is the key equipment to realize the connection of steel bars. It can process diameters φ12-φ50mm HRB335-500 grade ribbed steel bars.