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DGS-40 sleeve tapping machine


Semi-automatic sleeve tapping machine

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  • Description
  • Use
  • features
    The spindle is automatically fed, suitable for various thread processing, and the attackable range is Φ12-Φ50;
    After the tap passes through the workpiece, it will automatically drop the tap to ensure that the cutting will not damage the processed surface. The screw teeth have high precision, the thread finish is high, the center precision is high, and the qualified rate of finished products is high;
    Easy to operate, double-station design, saving labor, the processing output can be increased by 2-3 times, which is better than the processing efficiency of the vertical drill;
    Maximum machinable length ≥ 200mm;
    The chuck has high torque protection to maintain the durability of the machine;
    Start with low voltage to protect the safety of operation.

    The main technical parameters
    Main power supply: 3-phase AC 380V
    Control voltage: AC 36V
    Water pump power supply: 3-phase AC 380V water pump motor 60W
    Main motor power: 4KW speed 1440r/min
    Processing speed: rate 220r/min 250r/min 280r/min 320r/min
    Processing sleeve specifications: φ14-φ40mm
    The effective length of the internal thread of the processing sleeve is greater than 100mm
    Dimensions: 1200×1000×2500mm
    Gross weight: 780KG

  • use
    DGS-40 special tapping machine for sleeve is a special equipment for straight thread sleeve connection of steel bars in construction and engineering industries. It is mainly used for straight thread sleeve connection of HRB335 and HRB400 steel bars of Φ14-Φ40 mm in concrete structures, and can also be used for Tapping of standard or non-trunk nuts in the machinery industry. It has the advantages of simple operation, convenient construction, fast processing speed, no pollution, energy saving and so on. The quality of the sleeve can reach the standard of Class I in JG107-2003 "General Technical Regulations for Mechanical Connection of Steel Bars". It is the most widely used and popular sleeve tapping machine in the construction and engineering fields.