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Fully automatic steel sleeve tapping machine


Automatic sleeve tapping machine

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  • DGS-40W Automatic Socket Tapping Machine

    With the development of society, at present, with the rapid development of the construction industry, the straight thread sleeve steel bar connection has replaced the original resistance butt welding, electroslag pressure welding and extrusion connection. The sleeve is currently the leading product for the replacement of steel bar connections in the construction industry, so the market demand is large. The production process of the sleeve is simple, the labor intensity is high, the efficiency is low, the workers are difficult to find, and the labor cost is high. Shanghai Hufeng brand automatic sleeve tapping machine can improve efficiency and reduce production cost for you.

    2. Performance characteristics

    The CNC automatic sleeve tapping machine DGS-40W produced by Shanghai Hufeng adopts PLC control, which has good working stability and high working efficiency. It is all controlled by the program from unloading, clamping, tapping and unloading. Workers only need to put the sleeve into the guide rail groove, which requires low labor skills and labor intensity, and one machine can control multiple machines, which greatly saves wage costs. It is the most ideal special equipment for processing steel bar connecting sleeves. the


    3. Main technical parameters

    1. Tapping diameter range: Ф16-40

    2. Tapping speed fixed variable speed or frequency conversion speed regulation: A type 180-350r/m, B type 0-500r/m

    Note: The pitch of the characteristic spindle is synchronized with the pitch of the tap, and the service life of the tap is high-efficiency and energy-saving.

    1. Motor power: 2.2KW*2 3KW*2

    2. Air pressure: 0.9mp

    3. Air consumption 0.1mp

    4. Production efficiency: 3000-5000 (pieces)

    5. Cooling pump power: 0.4kw-0.9kw

    6. Cooling pump displacement: 12L/min

    Advantages: 1. Do not choose workers, women can also operate.

    2. The operation is simple and the labor intensity is low. The worker only needs to put the sleeve into the guide rail groove.

    3. One person can operate multiple machines at the same time. Save human cost.

  • The DGS _40W sleeve-specific CNC automatic tapping machine tool independently developed and produced by Shanghai Hufeng adopts the drive shaft built-in lead screw spindle structure (Chinese patented technology) with high working stability and high working efficiency, low technical requirements for operators and low cost. Low, lower labor intensity characteristics. It is currently the most ideal special equipment for processing sleeves. According to the needs of users, our company can tailor-made machine tools with external round chamfering machines, realize automatic assembly lines, and realize unmanned production of tapping machines.