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Automatic sleeve chamfering and peeling machine


Automatic sleeve chamfering Pa Pei

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  • Description
  • Use
  • features
    This machine has the characteristics of high degree of automation, simple operation, and strong human-computer interaction. The main components are domestic first-class famous brand products, low failure rate, low noise, and stable operation. This machine is widely used in construction sleeves, auto parts and bearing processing industries.

    Technical Parameters
    Processing diameter range: Φ22~Φ60
    Spindle speed: 1000 rpm 1200 rpm
    Maximum processing length: 120mm
    Total power: 2.2KW+3KW
    Dimensions: 1725mm*1215mm*1165mm
    Machine weight: 1050KG

    native structure
    It consists of three parts: main engine, hydraulic station and electrical control. the

    working principle
    The program sends out the first instruction, and the feeding mechanism sends the processed workpiece to the designated position. The program sends the second instruction to clamp the clamping device. The system receives the clamping signal. The program sends the third instruction, and the feeding mechanism automatically returns.
    When the return signal of the feeding mechanism is fed back to the system, the program sends out the fourth instruction processing signal, the sliding crate drags the tool holder to start the outer circle turning process, and the sliding crate stops at the original position without returning.
    After the turning processing is completed and the signal is fed back to the system, the program issues the fifth command for chamfering.
    After the chamfering process is completed, the workpiece clamping device is automatically released, and the workpiece is unloaded. At the same time, the program issues the sixth command to start the next working cycle.

  • use
    DBC-60 outer circle turning and chamfering machine is mainly used for turning and chamfering the outer circle of fixed-length bar (tube material) below Ф60. This machine is widely used in industries such as sleeves for construction, auto parts and bearing processing.