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Rebar connection sleeve

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    Straight thread connection steel bar sleeve Product name: Straight thread connection steel bar sleeve


    product specification

    production unit
    Shanghai Hufeng Machinery Co., Ltd.

    product notes
    Rebar connection sleeve, straight thread connection sleeve, rebar sleeve, mechanical connection

    High-quality 45# carbon structural steel

    scope of use
    Suitable for connection of HRB335 and HRB400 steel bars

    Appearance Quality
    The thread profile is full, there are no cracks on the surface of the connecting sleeve, and there are no serious corrosion and other defects visible to the naked eye on the surface and internal threads.
    Check with a special thread plug gauge, and the plug gauge can be smoothly inserted.

    Equal-strength joints, excellent fatigue resistance and low temperature resistance, higher than the base metal strength;
    Good thread profile, high precision, no false thread, stable connection quality;
    It has a wide range of applications and can connect horizontal, vertical and oblique steel bars of the same diameter and different diameters;
    All-weather construction, can be prefabricated, easy to operate, shorten the construction period.

    Types and usage requirements of steel bar connection sleeves
    Standard type: steel connection under normal conditions;
    Positive and negative screw type: used in occasions where the steel bars at both ends cannot be rotated;
    Extended screw type: the steel bar cannot be rotated at all, and the steel bar is connected by rotating the sleeve;
    Reduced diameter type: used for the connection of steel bars of different diameters.

  • A connecting piece used to connect steel bars and has an internal thread corresponding to the wire thread.