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Rebar connection sleeve

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  • Description
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  • Linking method of steel bar connecting sleeve

    Mechanical connection, sleeve connection, high-rise building application. Used for the connection of beam reinforcement Welding, welding can include electroslag pressure welding, flash butt welding Electroslag pressure welding is generally used for the connection of column reinforcement Flash butt welding is generally used For beam reinforcement, it is not allowed to be used in high-rise buildings, and some of them are lap joints. Lap joints are not allowed to appear on frame columns. If used on beams, then the stirrups should be encrypted at the lap joints. The important stress-bearing parts need to be welded , double-sided welding.

    Features of steel bar straight thread sleeve

    1. Using No. 45 steel, special manufacturing process, high dimensional accuracy and reliable quality.

    2. It can connect HR335 grade and HR400 grade ribbed steel bars of Ø16~Ø40mm.

    3. It has been tested by the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and has reached the Class I joint standard in JGJ107-2010.

    There are three series of standard type, positive and negative wire type and different diameter type, and 52 varieties can meet the requirements of horizontal, vertical and oblique positions in industrial and civil construction, water conservancy, power stations, bridges, tunnels, subways and other building structures. Requirements for connecting steel bars with different diameters, different diameters, and adjustable length and direction.

    Advantages of Rebar Straight Thread Sockets

    1. The tensile strength is high, meeting or exceeding the standard requirements of the national standard JGJ107-2010 Class I joints.

    2. Good neutrality, easy to transmit force.

    3. The construction operation is convenient, and it can be constructed in all directions and around the clock.

    4. It can be prefabricated in advance, which shortens the total construction period of the project.

    5. The price is cheap, which reduces the engineering cost.

    6.   No open fire work, no live work, it is a product promoted by the Ministry of Construction.

    7.  Because the straight thread sleeve is a machined product, the quality stability (uniformity) is high.

  • A connecting piece used to connect steel bars and has an internal thread corresponding to the wire thread.