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  • [Classification of straight threaded sleeves]: Standard straight threaded sleeves, extended straight threaded sleeves, positive and negative wire straight threaded sleeves, variable diameter straight threaded sleeves

    1. Standard type: Free rotation for possible uses. The reason for using iron bars is opposite each other to lock the endpoint strength of the bridge piece. Willing to choose standard sleeve or reduced diameter connecting sleeve.

    2. Extended type: It is used in occasions where the steel bars are too long and dense, and it is inconvenient to rotate. The connecting sleeve is fully screwed into the lengthened thread of a steel bar in advance, and then screwed into the end thread of the connected steel bar, and the connecting piece can be locked by rotating the steel bar half a turn, and a standard connecting sleeve can be selected.

    3. Positive and negative screw type: It is used in occasions where the steel bar cannot be rotated at all and the internal force of the steel bar is required to be adjusted, such as construction joints, post-casting belts, etc. The connecting sleeve has positive and negative thread buckles, which can loosen or tighten two steel bars in one screwing direction. The connecting sleeve with positive and negative thread buckles should be used first.

    4. Different diameter type: used for connecting steel bars of different diameters