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  • Shanghai Hufeng Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of three series of straight thread sleeves: standard type, positive and negative wire type, and variable diameter type. The price of straight thread sleeve is favorable, the price of straight thread sleeve fluctuates with the price of steel, we will inform our customers and friends at any time. The product has high strength and good ductility. This product has passed the inspection of the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. All items meet the standards. The performance is not lower than 45 carbon structural steel. Its mechanical properties and chemical composition meet the GB699 standard. The standard value of the flexural bearing capacity and tensile bearing capacity of the steel bar is 1.10 times greater than the corresponding bearing capacity standard of the steel bar. The tensile strength of the joint made of the steel bar connecting sleeve is greater than the tensile strength of the steel bar parent material. It has been appraised by the Ministry of Construction for three consecutive years as a "Three-A Quality and Credit Qualification Unit" and won the honorary title of "China Famous Brand". The products have a mass production license approved by the Shanghai Construction Department.

    The internal thread of the steel sleeve is 6H, the thread head thread is 7g, the thread fit accuracy is in accordance with GB197, the tooth surface roughness is in accordance with GB/T1031, the Ra value is 6.3um, and the surface roughness of other processing parts is 12.5um. The surface has been treated with anti-embroidery, no rust, oil stains, cracks, black skin and other defects. Plastic protection plugs are added to the screw holes at both ends.

      Shanghai Hufeng is a production-oriented enterprise, the price of straight thread sleeves is sold directly by the factory, and there is no salesperson fee. We reduce the price of straight threaded sleeves with guaranteed quality and quantity. Give profits to customers. 25 straight thread sleeve price is 1.8 yuan, 0.8 yuan for 18

    Several benefits of using straight threaded sockets for the construction industry:
    1. The use of steel bar connecting sleeves in the construction industry can greatly reduce the use of materials, and it is easy to operate and is not limited by the type of steel bar composition. It can be prefabricated in advance, does not occupy the construction period, and has high processing efficiency.

    2. The straight thread sleeve has the advantages of convenient, fast and simple connection, no electricity is required for construction, and it can be constructed in all weathers regardless of the weather.

    3. It can connect horizontal, vertical and oblique HRB335, HRB400 steel bars of the same diameter or different diameters.

    Welcome new and old customers to negotiate with our company about the business of straight thread sleeves!