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    Small working wrench: total wrench length: 44cm, handle: 30cm, wrench head: 16cm, scope of application: steel bar diameter 12-25

    Large working wrench: total wrench length: 66cm, handle: 50cm, wrench head: 16cm, scope of application: steel bar diameter 14-50

    Hufeng Machinery is a professional manufacturer of steel bar straight thread rolling machine, steel bar connecting sleeve, sleeve tapping machine, automatic sleeve tapping machine, sleeve chamfering peeling machine, steel bar connection working wrench, thread rolling wheel, stripping machine Manufacturer of ribbed blades, rebar protective caps, sleeve protective caps and other products. Based on the principle of integrity first, the company welcomes new and old customers to consult.

  • Shanghai Hufeng Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of straight thread rolling machines for steel bars, sleeve tapping machines, sleeve skinning and chamfering machines, and steel bar connecting sleeves. Construction project-based construction unit with first-class professional qualification in Shanghai