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    Shanghai Hufeng Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of straight thread rolling machines for steel bars, sleeve tapping machines, sleeve skinning and chamfering machines, and steel bar connecting sleeves. Mainly engaged in construction projects, it is a construction unit with first-class professional qualification in Shanghai.

    Sales of all accessories of steel thread rolling machine, and batch processing, thread rolling wheel, blade, steel protective cap, eccentric shaft, special tap for sleeve, etc. It is mainly used in wearing parts of steel bar straight thread machine tools.

    The company's corporate purpose is: Adhere to leading technology, survive by quality, and develop by reputation. And actively participate in the country's promotion and application of new technologies in the construction industry. Accelerate the transformation process of architectural scientific and technological achievements, and always gain a foothold in the market with better quality, efficient taste and excellent service

    It adopts vacuum heat treatment and quenching, with small deformation and long service life. Materials can be selected according to the needs of customers, and the business of non-standard thread rolling wheels required by customers can be undertaken


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    Hufeng Machinery is a professional company specializing in the production of threading machines and accessories. This standard thread rolling wheel is suitable for processing high-precision, high-strength standard threads.