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    DBG-40B steel rib stripping and rolling straight thread machine tool is the key equipment for the processing of ribbed steel bar rolling straight thread head in construction engineering.
    This machine tool can complete steel rib stripping and rolling thread processing in one clamping. The processed steel thread is completely higher than the 6f level precision requirement of JGJ107-2010.
    This machine is not only compact in structure, easy to operate, safe and reliable, but also has a unique stepless adjustment structure of rib stripping device and roller device.
    This machine can also process standard thread, reverse thread and long thread.

    DBG-40B steel rib stripping and rolling straight thread machine tool is composed of frame, vise, guide rod, slide plate, reducer assembly, rib stripping and rolling head, cooling system, electrical control system and other parts.

    The main technical parameters
    Main motor power: 4KW 8A
    Power supply: three-phase 380V 50Hz
    Reducer speed ratio 17, 23 {Outlet shaft speed (82-48) r/min}
    Processing steel bar diameter range: Φ16—Φ40mm (HRB335, HRB400, 500)
    Maximum processing length: 90mm
    Weight: 450kg

    High strength, high energy saving and high work efficiency. Can give full play to the strength of the steel base material. It complies with the national norms and environmental protection requirements for the new construction technology market. The performance of the joint reaches the standard of Class I joint in JGJ107-2003.

    The construction speed is fast: the straight thread of the processed steel bar can be prefabricated in advance, which does not occupy the construction period. The construction connection is convenient, fast and easy to operate.

    Energy saving: the power of the steel wire head processing equipment is only 4KW, and the on-site steel bars are connected with a wrench (no electricity, no gas, no open flame operation, no pollution, and can be constructed all day long)

    Good alignment: the quality is reliable and stable, and the quality can be controlled at any time as long as the general measuring tools and visual inspection are used for quality inspection.

    Strong adaptability: it can be operated flexibly in narrow places where the steel bars are densely arranged.

    Wide range of applications: It can connect horizontal, vertical and oblique HRB335, HRB400 steel bars of the same diameter and different diameters. It is suitable for the connection construction of steel bars in various reinforced concrete structures that bear tension, compression, and double micro-forces

    Sales of all accessories of steel thread rolling machine, and batch processing.

    Thread rolling wheels, blades, protective caps for steel bars, special taps for sleeves, eccentric shafts, etc. It is mainly used in wearing parts of steel bar straight thread machine tools.
    The company mainly produces and processes steel bar straight thread rolling machine, automatic sleeve tapping machine, sleeve chamfering peeling machine, steel bar stripping rib rolling machine, steel bar threading machine, steel bar straight thread sleeve, steel bar straight thread sleeve , Socket special tapping machine

    The company's corporate purpose
    Adhere to leading technology, strive for survival by quality, and develop by reputation. And actively participate in the country's promotion and application of new technologies in the construction industry. Accelerate the transformation process of architectural scientific and technological achievements, and always gain a foothold in the market with better quality, high-efficiency grade, and excellent service.

    Hufeng Machinery sincerely welcomes friends from all walks of life to visit us for business negotiation and harmonious development.

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    Hufeng Machinery is a professional manufacturer of straight thread rolling machines for steel bars, automatic sleeve tapping machines, sleeve chamfering and skinning machines, steel bar connecting sleeves, and special tapping machines for sleeves. The steel bar rib stripping and rolling straight thread machine tool is mainly used for rolling the straight thread thread head of the ribbed steel bar in construction engineering. It is the key equipment to realize the straight thread connection of the steel bar.